Thursday, November 30, 2006

How 'bout we give your sister a call?

From today's Ottawa Sun:

I don't know about you, but my first thought after seeing a girl wearing a thong with "I'm Liberal" painted all over the front of it has nothing to do with her politics.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Wii at work

Wii Have A Problem...


Open Debate? Not in our school!!

Modern liberalism at it's finest.

The Carleton University Student's Association, abandoning even the slightest pretense of objectivity, is pushing for a policy change which would directly forbid the formation of any student Pro-Life groups. And they're not even trying to cover it up with flowery speech, they just flat out state:
"no CUSA resources, space, recognition or funding be allocated for anti-choice purposes."
As is becoming par for the course at Colleges and University's across the continent, progressives (and the CUSA spokesman actually uses the word) have decided that the best way to show how tolerant they are of others beliefs and choices is to silence all those who may disagree with them.


Monday, November 27, 2006

In Case of Facts, Deny Deny Deny.

That seems to be the liberal view of todays armed forces. Just watch the video from Hot Air from Charles Rangel appearence with Chris Wallace.

They just can't let go of the old adage that those in the military are just poor helpless idiots who need their help to show them the way. The Democrats, specifically, rely heavily on the concept that the armed forces are targeting underprivileged youth to help drum up anti-war sympathies but as Sen. Charles Rangel just made it clear to the world, they have nothing to back up their claims and when faced with solid facts to the contrary they simply ignore them and continue to push the oft debunked claim that people only join the military because they have no other option.

The very concept that some people, and in fact the great majority of enlisted, make a conscious choice to join the armed forces to defend their nation and it's ideals anywhere across the globe and not for a simple paycheck is simply foreign to them and therefore they have to try to explain their courage away by turning them into victims of circumstance.

And no matter how hard the left tries to spin this, Rangel was not making a botched joke.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

When Idiots Attack

Read Alan Dershowitz's excellent response to Former President Jimmy Carters latest offering on his opinions of the problems with Israel.

Then read the comments.

Pay close attention to the most outspoken of Mr. Dershowitz's critics. Almost without fail they extol the virtues of President Carter, based solely on him being a likable fellow, and ignore every point made in the article. A few even state quite clearly their utter refusal to research or even read anything on the subjects being debated in favor of just accepting that good ole Jimmy is just right.

Welcome to the the future of the dedicated left; facts mean nothing, only feelings have any merit and even then, only their feelings as everyone else is a fascist and therefore cannot hold a valid opinion. It's an ideology in which truth comes a very distant second to sincerity.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

State Funeral Passes House

Due to the efforts of people like The Dominion Institute and the 90,000 people who signed their online petition (of which I am proud to be one) a motion to recognize all the fallen soldiers of the First World War through a state funeral upon the death of the last man to have served at that time has been introduced and has passed in the House of Commons.

With only 3 members still with us and the youngest of the bunch being 105 years old, the day is coming when there won't be anyone around with first hand knowledge of the military at that time. At least now they can rest easy knowing that their sacrifices and those of the 600,000 other armed service members that served during WWI won't be forgotten.

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Wii Update

My Wii has arrived a day early and as per my agreement with Microplay I purchased two games to go with it (and then a third from Future Shop) but despite a search of almost every electronics store in the Greater Ottawa area I am without a second Wiimote controller so only 1 player games for me for now.

So I picked up Need For Speed: Carbon, Super Monkeyball: Banana Blitz and of course, Zelda. I haven't tried Zelda yet but so far I have to say Wii Sports (comes with the system) is pretty interesting, if for no other reason that to watch Airyck jump around the room swinging the Wiimote wildly trying to hit a fastball. Monkeyball is one of those games that the Wii just excels at. You simply move the controller just like you want the monkey to move and voila, perfect synchronicity. Some of the mini games, of which there are 50, take a bit more time to get used to but like Wii Sports, it's a great way to learn how to handle the Wiimote and Nunchuck.

NFS on the other hand feels a little more forced. After switching from the default configuration to one that utilizes both the Nunchuck and Wiimote I could at least finish a race but it seems a little bit overkill. And having played it just a few days ago on Airycks 360, the difference in graphic detail is plain as day, to say the least. It's still fun but I wonder if it just wouldn't be more so if it just used the Gamecube controller.

The online service leaves a little to be desired as it seems most of it is still not up and running. My guess is they're waiting for more systems to be activated go through the update process before bringing more parts online. Even so, they only have a fraction of the games that were promised available in the Wii Shopping channels. I'm assuming that will change as time goes on. I just hope they begin offering demo downloads like the 360 does. When it comes to console games I'm a big fan of the try before you buy system, and on a system as unique as the Wii that concept has even more value. We'll just have to wait and see.

Overall, a very interesting gaming system and even though the graphics really don't compare with the latest Microsoft or Sony offerings, with games like Wii Sports and Monkeyball which rely more on gameplay than graphics, it should carve out a strong market for itself.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

No Wii for Me

I just didn't have the commitment to camp out all night but I did manage to spend an hour and a half in lines yesterday in sub zero temperatures and still end up Wiiless. Closest I came was to be #23 in a line at Toys 'R' Us that had 19 systems.

Oh well, guess I'll have to wait till Wednesday when hopefully my order arrives from Jumbo Video.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

One more shot at fame and fortune

Back into the electronic line to try and capture one of the coveted PS3's from BestBuy.

Their servers have really been taking a beating all day.

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Rage against the Machine

And they don't really care which machine it is.

When's the last time you've heard of a Democratic candidate losing gracefully.

I'll agree that with 18,400 votes not being counted there has to be a investigation as to why, but until someone shows some evidence to the contrary I'm going to assume it was not an overt attempt to steal an election, and may not even be a result of any error on the machines part. And despite Kos's claims to the contrary, I'm pretty sure the Dem candidate votes do not make up 98% of those uncounted.

More at Ace and Michelle's.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Evolution of a MSM Meme

Bruno Stevens, a freelance photojournalist, breaks down exactly how even the innocent photographers who just try and report what they see can be dragged into the mainstream media's war against Israel.

Just compare and contrast his captions from the photos he took to those created by the various editors at the magazines who choose to publish them.

You will notice quite clearly that unlike the 'news' agencies he starts with the allegation being made, being very clear to indicate that it is only that and not a definitive fact, but later, as more facts come to light, updates his captions with the full story.

Too bad the Time Magazine and the US News and World Report don't seem to follow those same journalistic standards.

More from Charles over at LGF.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Gayest music video EVER!!!!

By way of a MSN Message from Airyck, I give you Billy Squier - Rock Me Tonite.

I really hope Billy's gay because no straight guys friends would ever let him live down this.

John Kerry's Stand Up notes

Leaked to the public by Cracked Magazine by way of Allah over at HotAir.

Be sure to check out the clip from the Simpson's episode that ran this Remembrance Day/Veterans Day weekend.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Another Swing and a Miss (bumped)

Stop the Presses! Republicans caught doctoring 3 year old video to hide "Mission Accomplished" banner.

Only one small problem with Mike's analysis.

For those of us with eyes and an even fundamental understanding of camera angles, it's painfully evident that the video and the photo he shows are shot from completely different points of view. The video of the speech is from a standing height (as indicated by the fact you can see the carrier deck and stands of people behind him) while the photo is from a much lower angle, probably for the sole purpose of catching the banner which was several stories above the Presidents head. The cropping, if any cropping was done (it may just be a wide screen video played in a standard box) would not have been able to remove the banner which from the angle of the shot was impossible to see.

Hot Air has more including a additional picture quite clearly showing the differences in the viewing angles.

I just find it funny how so many on the left try so hard to find some doctoring by those on the right and generally fail miserably. It doesn't seem to be a problem for those on the right however.

And is it just a coincidence that this guy tries to make a scandal out of a 3 year old story on the same day when Dan Rather resurfaces to try and push the 40 year old TANG story again? I report, you decide.

This may change, but at this time it appears Mike is not allowing for dissenting viewpoints or anyone critiquing his video to post comments in his thread. Not that unusual for a liberal post but a bit hypocritical for someone who is supposedly exposing the truth behind a Republican scam.

Update II (and bump):
Well it appears my initial assumptions about Mr. Mcintee's sense of fairness was actually giving him more credit that he was due. Not only is his comment thread moderated and allowing only positive comments, but originally it was open and he actually actively deleted comments that pointed out any problems with his analysis.

Here's pudgenut's rebuttal video showing even more problems with Mcintee analysis besides just the physical impossibilites due to the camera angle.

And check out this Fark thread for even more discussion.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Powers Point

Have I mentioned this week how much I love this woman.

Not only was her coverage during election night some of the most balanced (and she's much easier on the eyes and ears than James Carville), but her article from last Tuesday does what so few liberals are willing to do, discuss the embryonic stem cell debate honestly.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time to get off your meds

As liberals tend to be very focused on the 'me' and the 'now' it's no wonder that one of the Democrats primary missions is to lower prescription drugs in the US. A noble concept to be sure, but their methods may cause all of us up here in the Great White North a severe headache, and make getting anything to treat it much harder.

By proposing to open the border to prescription drug traffic they will be removing the vital key to why drugs are so much cheaper here in Canada than in the US. Simply put, we are a small fish and drug companies are more than willing to cut us a deal because they know that they will make all their necessary profits through sales in the US. They already restrict their losses by setting limits to how much of a given drug can be sold in Canada at the current prices.

Open up the border and then suddenly they can no longer afford their two tier pricing structure. In very short order the pharmaceutical companies will force the Canadian government to remove their pricing restrictions or face shortages of required drugs like never before. This is already happening to a much smaller degree with the online drugs purchases being made by American's through Canadian sites. Sure Americans will probably save a few dollars but Canadians will be forced to pay prices many times higher than they currently are.

Here's a simple calculation to show my point:

  • Drug companies maintain their sales of roughly $250 Billion (this is US sales alone).
  • They are selling it to Canadians for roughly 75% of the American price.
  • Populations remain constant at the current 10 to 1 ratio.
So on a per capita basis the current spending is levels work out to approximately $580 spent by Canadians for every $775 spent by Americans. Once the Democrats open the borders and the pharmaceutical industry reacts to maintain current revenue levels the new universal cost would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $757.50. That means while every American saves less than $20 on their drug costs, every Canadian will end up having to pay roughly $177.50 more.

While taken as a whole this would mean a vast savings for the American system, on a person by person basis while the average American will save 2% on prescription drugs the average Canadian will end up paying 30% more.

Not to be greedy, since I rarely buy anything stronger than Advil, but there must be a better way to lower drug costs in the US without having to punish Canadians to do it. My worry is that in a rush to grab good press, the Democrats won't be willing to take the time and find it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Crying Over Bottled Milk

The elections haven't even ended yet and already Democrats are crying over how it's being stolen by Republicans.

Mr. Palast does make a very good argument that Democratic voters are being targeted by these election laws. The only problem is he kind of skirts around the issue as to why these measures are disproportionately affecting Democratic voters.

1) The registration issue. As has been rather common place, and is even referred to in an earlier post, liberal leaning organizations have had a very checkered past with their fraudulent registrations. The fact that he admits that new legislation which requires registrants to prove who they are first will affect Democratic voting is just an indirect way of admitting that Dems rely on the votes of such people as Daffy Duck and Dick Tracy to win their seats.

2)ID requirement. This pretty much is the same as #1. Democrats hate it when people are required to have a valid ID in order to vote. It greatly reduces the number of dead voters as well as multiple votes so therefore they are firmly set against it. Even in cases where the ID would be delivered to your door and fully funded by the state governments they oppose it. If nothing else, opposition to having to ID yourself is the best indicator of which party wants fair elections, in my humble opinion.

3)Spoiled ballots. This is quite simply a ridiculous argument. If the law requires a vote to appear a certain way to be legal then thats the law. Complaining that your constituents don't have the intelligence required to properly fill out a ballot in their district is why there are review processes prior to election day. Dumbing down the system to the lowest common denominator because that just happens to be where the vast majority of your followers happen to reside doesn't help anyone. It may seem harsh but if people don't have the ability to fill out a simple ballot then maybe they shouldn't be voting.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

If you're a Canadian, please take the time to sign this petition to request a formal State Funeral when the last WWI vets passes away.

Currently Canada has only 3 surviving vets from the Great War; John Babcock (106 years old), Lloyd Clemett (106 years old) and Percy Wilson (105 years old) and it is quite simply the least we can do to honor both their courage, and that of all those other brave men and women who gave their time and lives to the war effort.

Pelosi's Promise

I just love this article, especially where Nancy Pelosi promises to restore civility to the House of Congress. You can just feel the love for her political opponents emanating from her comments:

"We're going to take back the country for the American people -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- because it has been held hostage by the radical right wing of the Republican Party,"
"This is a freak show, and it has to come to an end. This is about a Congress and White House whose purpose is to concentrate wealth into the top 1 percent of our country at the expense of the middle class."

and on the possibility of being handed the gavel to control the House:

"I'll receive it, in my view, from the hands of special interests on behalf of America's future."

And people wonder where all the civility in the House has gone. When you routinely accuse the leadership of the opposing party as being liars, war mongers, pedophile supporters, Nazis, etc, all based solely on personal opinions without any real proof you don't get to stand back and then blame them for the lack of civility.

Surprise Surprise Surprise

The election has just started and already the Democratic faithful are out in force making sure the people get their voices heard, of course by people I mean other Democrats, and by heard I mean, as long as they tow the party line they are free to say what they want.

While the RNC hasn't always been blameless in the world of election fraud most of the accusations of Republican fraud from the last few American elections have been based almost entirely on speculation and hypothetical scenarios based on liberal assumptions that since they lost the elections must have been fixed.

Democratic fraud, on the other hand, is anything but hypothetical. From slashing tires of RNC "get out the vote" vehicles, to phony lawsuits to keep polls open beyond the legal limits, to fraudulent registrations by leftist groups like ACORN and the NAACP involving cocaine for votes, fictional characters and non-existent addresses the Dems and their supporters will stop at nothing to ensure the 'voice of the people' is heard (see above).

And lest we forget that every time an American election rolls around the dead all seem to rise up and vote heavily Democratic. If those fail to show up there's always the illegal alien vote which Dems are always willing to recruit.

It amazes me that some people still wonder why almost every form of voter fraud iniiative introduced across the States is opposed, almost universally, by the Democrats. You just have to understand that to them it's an 'ends justify the means' type battle where anything besides a Democratic victory is seen as a crime and any restrictions placed on their prime constituents, be they dead, illegal, or felons, is a 'undue burden'.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Verdict Is In

Saddam sentenced to hang for his crimes against the Iraqi people.

The ironic thing is if this decision had been made just a few short years ago under his own rule chances are there would already be video of his execution posted all over the web but because of the democratic reforms enacted in Iraq he will enter a mandatory appeals process to ensure that the judgment was reached properly.

And as is the case for almost everything in Iraq, while the Shia celebrated the announcement many Sunnis took to the streets in support of the outed dictator leading to worries about a possible increase in the already heavy sectarian violence.

The appeals process could take several months, but as that goes on Saddam is simultaneously undergoing a second trial for his attempted genocide of the Iraqi Kurds, which if found guilty would also most likely lead to a death sentence.

This is just the reason that the US insisted Saddam be tried by Iraqis instead of an international tribunal. While even Saddam did not try and cast doubt as to his involvement in these atrocities, he merely tried to justify his actions, under international law, if he had been found guilty he would have been sentenced to life imprisonment, where he would had remained a figurehead for his supporters. With his eventual execution, not only is he being fairly treated for his actions but the chances of a group of his supporters trying to take action to free him later on is reduced to zero.

And just to add insult to injury, it appears his request for a military firing squad has already been rejected in favor for the traditional Iraqi method of execution, hanging until dead. Coupled with the fact he was caught hiding in a hole in the ground and not on a battlefield leading his troops should help reduce his effectiveness as a martyr.

Apparently the verdict is not impressing too many over on the far left who are feeling sorry for the conviction of a genocidal dictator while at the same time are falling all over themselves to call for the execution of the democratically elected President of the United States.

(warning: the preceding hyper link goes directly to a Democratic Underground forum. Don't say I didn't warn you)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Paul Krugman and friends

Saw this article while browsing for Kerry's university records.

With record high income revenues and record low unemployment, I wonder how in demand these Nobel laureates opinions are nowadays?

The forgotten victims

Now that the Kerry brouhaha is starting to settle down it time to shed some light on the actual victims of his thoughtless remarks.

It's plain to see, if you read his publicly released re-edit of his remarks that the group of people he was intending to insult were not the men and women in uniform, or even the President, at least not directly, but those poor downtrodden Yale and Harvard grads. You know the ones who only managed to get a undergrad degree and then a Masters. Those failures of the education system who don't even manage to stick around for a PhD.

How else can you interpret these words:
“Do you know where you end up if you don’t study, if you aren’t smart, if you’re intellectually lazy? You end up getting us stuck in a war in Iraq. Just ask President Bush.”
By holding President George Bush as an example of an intellectually lazy person I must say he is setting the bar for what he considers a success a little high for the average American, seeing he himself can't even meet it.

Bush not only beat Kerry's academic record during their respective times at Yale, but went on, as mentioned above, to get a Masters in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School, apparently, according to Kerry's world view, a feat on par with working at McDonald's.

Why does Kerry hate Ivy League grads so much? Perhaps it is just another example of his self-loathing making itself known. With all his attacks on Vietnam vets after spending 3 months in theater we know he has a history of it. I'm sure when his apology for this latest insult comes around he'll try and pass it off as a simple little Boston College/ Harvard rivalry, but by now we all know the true measure of the man.

Stumping for the Dems on Today

It's just a few days away from one of the most important elections in recent US history and it's beginning to look like the Republicans just might hold onto enough seats to keep the House and Senate. That doesn't seem to be going over too well with NBC, or more particularly The Today Show.

Just moments ago they had back to back segments that looked like they were written directly by James Carville and definitely not by unbiased news people.

The first was Matt Lauer not only pushing the John Kerry excuse about his remarks being only a badly worded joke, without showing the original speech I might add, but actually attacking the President for daring to draw attention to the very public statement by the senior Democratic Representative. He actually got animated when Andy Card brought up the fact that Kerry's own admitted personal history had involved actions that have been offensive to the troops. It was incredible. He just kept pushing Card to fall into line with the joke meme as if no reasonable person could believe that a Democrat could possibly ever say anything mean about the military, all previous statements by Murtha, Durbin, Pelosi and Kerry himself being to the contrary.

Most telling of all, Lauer actually got angry at the Democrats who dared called for an apology from Kerry instead of standing behind him. Even if you thought it was a botched joke, you have to be hard left to not think Sen. Kerry should have immediately apologized to the men and women of the military who were offended by his remarks. I like Matt generally, but in this 'interview' with Card, he was flashing his liberal credentials for all the world to see.

The second segment was just tabloid journalism at it worse. The story centered on Pastor Ted Haggard, leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, resigning his position over allegations he had sex with a male prostitute, a very legitimate story I might add, but the way they covered it went above and beyond and strongly into the realm of smear. In their own piece they admit the story is currently only a he said he said issue with some audio tapes that have yet to be reviewed but they present it in such accusatory tones that they treat the charge as fact with absolutely no evidence to back it up. They even work overtime to show the connection to the President for no apparent reason (not quite sure what Bush has to do with a potential sex scandal for a evangelical pastor but hey, every stone counts I guess).

They even drag in Keith Morrison to report the story. Keith may be a Canadian, but I have never liked his reporting style. If you review his transcripts everything would appear just fine, but in real life he often changes the inflection of his voice when making statements or asking questions to strongly imply his belief as to the veracity of the claims, and he does this in spades during the Haggard story. Every possible defense is treated with a questioning upturn in his voice while the accusations, once again currently without any supporting evidence, are made to sound like indisputable facts. It's the same reason I've never been able to watch him on Dateline even if he is covering a worthwhile story, which this Haggard story may just turn out to be.

To be fair to Keith, he's not the only investigative reporter that does this, John Stossel over at ABC often does the same inflection trick and it annoys me just as much over there.

It's just incredible to see how the coverage of anything that may hurt the Conservative side of the political spectrum is covered on America's most watched morning news broadcast.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Macs Vs. PCs, the battle continues

Not sure how I ended up looking at Mac/PC parody ads on You Tube but there sure are a lot of them. Anyway, just felt like sharing a few of the better ones I found.

This has to be one of the funniest:

And of course the classic gamer switch ad:

Then there's TrueNuff's entire series of mock ads:

There's even a real Mac ad that I've never seen before:

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The troops reply

Via LGF (follow the link for full sized version)


Just in case there are any people still out there who actually believe the tired old "poor downtrodden disadvantage military recruits" meme that the Left, and most recent Senator Lurch loves to bandy about here's a link to the Heritage Foundation study.

And what do you know, the only group grossly underrepresented in the US Military are from those lower economic classes that liberals would have you believe are actually the majority. In fact, while the middle class is highly over represented so are several of the more upper class economic ranges.

Will this put a stop to the claims of recruiters actively targeting under privileged youths to use as cannon fodder for "Bush's War", of course not, but then again when has a dedicated progressive ever let anything as small as a statistical fact ever get in their way of making their argument.

P.S. I did a quick search for a similar Canadian study but have so far come up empty. If I find one I'll add it to this post later.
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