Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sad News

Soon after learning of Robert Jordan's passing I received a text message with sad news that hit much closer to home; my former neighbor's cat Jake, had died over the weekend.

Jake was the cat that taught Foster how to get in touch with his feline side. Not understanding that dogs are suppose to sit on the floor or on the seat of the couch Foster would mimic Jake and perch himself on the back of the sofa. He carried this tendency into the car where, when not trying to stick his entire body out of the drivers side window, he prefers to sit on the center arm rest, sitting so that all four paws are completely on the console.

The two of them could spend hours chasing each other around Jon's apartment, never letting the other have a moments rest, but once they were done playing they would cuddle up together on the couch or the bed or whereever one of them was to lie down.

Jake was the embodiement of the pure cat. Always carefree (except when Freeloader happened by to steal his food) but with an air about him that made you quite aware that he knew who was in charge and it wasn't that "two-legs" who happened to live in his home. Always willing to curl up on the couch and enjoy some TV but at a moments notice could decide that he wanted the door opened and was not willing to take "no" for an answer.

He will be missed.

RIP, Jake Terry.

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The Wheel of Time ....

.... turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend.

Yesterday another Age passed and was born into legend with the sad news that James Oliver Rigney, Jr., better know to his millions of fans as Robert Jordan, had finally succomed to the cardiac amyloidosis that had plagued his life these past two years.

Not wanting to dissapoint, he made sure that his legacy would continue by explaining his plans for the WoT series to his wife and cousin as well as through detailed notes and dictations but although the story may continue the world of Rand and Mat and Perrin will never be the same.


Monday, September 10, 2007

The Tipping Point

It appears that Lou Dobbs has finally had enough of the far lefts tactics of delaying or demonizing any immigration reform by defining it as racist.

I just love how the Democrat tries to sound reasonable by agreeing with the idea behind the bill all the while trying to come up with some reason why it shouldn't be enforced. It's the same logic they use every time a bill is put forward to put a stop to voter fraud.

In both cases the solutions are pretty straight forward and easy to implement, but also in both cases, the Democrats (and to be fair many Republicans), don't actually want to do anything about it. They'd rather just leave well enough alone.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

John Edwards - The Ultimate Nannystater

John Edwards knows better than you do what's best for you and now he want to make it the law.

I think there's a word for a type of government where every aspect in your life, including when and for what reasons you go to the doctor, are dictated to you; fascism.

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