Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Surprise Surprise Surprise

The election has just started and already the Democratic faithful are out in force making sure the people get their voices heard, of course by people I mean other Democrats, and by heard I mean, as long as they tow the party line they are free to say what they want.

While the RNC hasn't always been blameless in the world of election fraud most of the accusations of Republican fraud from the last few American elections have been based almost entirely on speculation and hypothetical scenarios based on liberal assumptions that since they lost the elections must have been fixed.

Democratic fraud, on the other hand, is anything but hypothetical. From slashing tires of RNC "get out the vote" vehicles, to phony lawsuits to keep polls open beyond the legal limits, to fraudulent registrations by leftist groups like ACORN and the NAACP involving cocaine for votes, fictional characters and non-existent addresses the Dems and their supporters will stop at nothing to ensure the 'voice of the people' is heard (see above).

And lest we forget that every time an American election rolls around the dead all seem to rise up and vote heavily Democratic. If those fail to show up there's always the illegal alien vote which Dems are always willing to recruit.

It amazes me that some people still wonder why almost every form of voter fraud iniiative introduced across the States is opposed, almost universally, by the Democrats. You just have to understand that to them it's an 'ends justify the means' type battle where anything besides a Democratic victory is seen as a crime and any restrictions placed on their prime constituents, be they dead, illegal, or felons, is a 'undue burden'.


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