Friday, November 10, 2006

Another Swing and a Miss (bumped)

Stop the Presses! Republicans caught doctoring 3 year old video to hide "Mission Accomplished" banner.

Only one small problem with Mike's analysis.

For those of us with eyes and an even fundamental understanding of camera angles, it's painfully evident that the video and the photo he shows are shot from completely different points of view. The video of the speech is from a standing height (as indicated by the fact you can see the carrier deck and stands of people behind him) while the photo is from a much lower angle, probably for the sole purpose of catching the banner which was several stories above the Presidents head. The cropping, if any cropping was done (it may just be a wide screen video played in a standard box) would not have been able to remove the banner which from the angle of the shot was impossible to see.

Hot Air has more including a additional picture quite clearly showing the differences in the viewing angles.

I just find it funny how so many on the left try so hard to find some doctoring by those on the right and generally fail miserably. It doesn't seem to be a problem for those on the right however.

And is it just a coincidence that this guy tries to make a scandal out of a 3 year old story on the same day when Dan Rather resurfaces to try and push the 40 year old TANG story again? I report, you decide.

This may change, but at this time it appears Mike is not allowing for dissenting viewpoints or anyone critiquing his video to post comments in his thread. Not that unusual for a liberal post but a bit hypocritical for someone who is supposedly exposing the truth behind a Republican scam.

Update II (and bump):
Well it appears my initial assumptions about Mr. Mcintee's sense of fairness was actually giving him more credit that he was due. Not only is his comment thread moderated and allowing only positive comments, but originally it was open and he actually actively deleted comments that pointed out any problems with his analysis.

Here's pudgenut's rebuttal video showing even more problems with Mcintee analysis besides just the physical impossibilites due to the camera angle.

And check out this Fark thread for even more discussion.


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