Monday, November 27, 2006

In Case of Facts, Deny Deny Deny.

That seems to be the liberal view of todays armed forces. Just watch the video from Hot Air from Charles Rangel appearence with Chris Wallace.

They just can't let go of the old adage that those in the military are just poor helpless idiots who need their help to show them the way. The Democrats, specifically, rely heavily on the concept that the armed forces are targeting underprivileged youth to help drum up anti-war sympathies but as Sen. Charles Rangel just made it clear to the world, they have nothing to back up their claims and when faced with solid facts to the contrary they simply ignore them and continue to push the oft debunked claim that people only join the military because they have no other option.

The very concept that some people, and in fact the great majority of enlisted, make a conscious choice to join the armed forces to defend their nation and it's ideals anywhere across the globe and not for a simple paycheck is simply foreign to them and therefore they have to try to explain their courage away by turning them into victims of circumstance.

And no matter how hard the left tries to spin this, Rangel was not making a botched joke.

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