Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Time for Lucifer to sharpen his Ice Skates

Hell is on it's way to sub-zero temperatures.

I'm linking this because you're not likely to see it's like again any time soon, but here is a link (h/t to HotAir) to a Democratic blog that actually makes sense.

It starts out normal enough, with an attempt at a dig at Republican Presidential hopeful (though not official) Fred Thompson, but somehow, and I'm sure to the bloggers surprise, the rational wing of the Democratic party (and yes, while mostly silenced and marginalized they do exist) manages to take control of the thread and debate the issues, and lo' and behold, they consensus seems to be Fred was right.

It's only a small thread with a hand full of comments but it's a start.

If anything this attempted attack may have pushed a few middle of the road Dems over to the Thompson camp. For a guy who hasn't even offically announced yet he seems to be doing pretty good for himself. Maybe he should just wait till the actual voting day to officially announce his candidacy. With the way things have been going by that time his popularity may be up in the high 80's.

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