Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hijinx at the HuffPo

JonQuixote has a pretty good run down of the latest news about the 'Cheney should die' thread over at Huffington Post.

It's obvious from Arianna's reaction that she herself never reads her own blog. Wishing death to the President or Vice President is nothing new for most mainstream left blogs. In fact as Jon, and several other bloggers, point out one of Arianna's own bloggers has done so in an actual post, and not just in the comments section.

I'm just kind of surprised as to the reaction this has gotten from both the right and the left. Anyone the least bit familiar with left wing blogs like Kos or DU or for that matter Huffpo itself would recognize these type of dark thoughts as making up a sizable minority, if not the majority, of any discussion that centers around the current U.S. Administration. It would be like Noah floating around on the Ark and suddenly on day 12 of the flood looking up and being shocked at seeing a cloud.

But it is fun to read how every single negative comment ever written on any left wing blog is actually written by undercover right-wing spies meant to discredit 'the movement'. The proof of which is of course, the well known fact that Republicans are just that evil.

I also love the guy who on page 15 of the comments on Arianna's reply offers up that explanation because he's "surprised that no one has pointed what seems to be a clear possibility", well except for about 350 of the other 356 comments on the post, starting with comment #1.

I really hope he was being sarcastic. Sadly, I don't think those people in the thread demanding the return of the Fairness Doctrine were.

Update: (30 seconds later)
Thanks to Mary Katherine Ham for reminding me of this post that appeared on HuffPo just after the cleansing. Notice anything missing?

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