Monday, March 12, 2007

The Compassionate Left (again)

First there was Cheney explosion story and throngs of 'liberals' climbed all over each other to condemn the would be assassins; mostly for their bad aim.

Now we have a story about former President Bush collapsing from dehydration while golfing (why he was out in 94 degree weather is a story all unto itself) and once again their love knows no bounds. Out of 5 pages of comments the number of well wishers could be counted on one hand with fingers to spare, and they were mostly from conservative readers daring to show their heads on the increasingly ultra-leftwing Huffpo.

Now compare that to how news of Tim Johnson's medical condition was received by the right side of the blogosphere. While the topic did focus on the political ramifications no one wished the man or his family harm, in fact people even got angry about how quick the AP was in focusing on the political aspects instead of his illness. And on the Johnson front, it's nice to see that he's moved out of the hospital and into a recovery facility and is still able to work, although I'm sure his family and caretakers are limiting him as much as possible.

Or for a more direct comparison,look at reactions to Clinton's hospitalization for chest pains. Although the AP did try to create a story to make it look like Republicans did wish him ill.

It's just another example of how most left wingers let their emotions rule their actions, with no regard for common decency. When a liberal says he hates an opponent he generally really means he hates them. Their hate is a highly emotional response which suppresses all logical thought.

When a conservative says they hate their opponent they almost always mean they disagree with their ideology and probably think of them as hard headed. While they may not like the person and want to sit down and 'chat' they rarely wish them any real harm.

To Former President Bush and Senator Johnson, I wish you both a full recovery.

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