Friday, February 09, 2007

Love Thy Brother

The most interesting part of John Edwards hiring, then flirting with firing, then confirming he's keeping bloggers Amanda Marcotte (of Pandagon (warning: not safe for young children)) and Melissa McEwan (of Shakespeare's Sister) is not that it shows an amazing lack of common sense on the part of a Democratic Presidential contender but that it shows just how out of touch Ms. Marcotte's defender are.

Just check out Terry Moran's blog entry to see how hard their willing to work to defend her tirades and try to create a moral equivalence case to excuse Amanda's over the top rhetoric. Even though Terry is an acknowledged liberal the fact he independently came to the same conclusion as his brother, conservative blogger Rick Moran of Rightwing Nuthouse, that their hiring was not a good idea he is immediately attacked as an enemy of all things liberal.

But as expected the lefts quest fails miserably as it's generally hard to find a mainstream right wing site that even comes close to matching Pandagon in terms of outright hostility but add to that the need to find such a blogger that has been given legitimacy by being hired to run the blog of a national party leadership candidate and their search comes up far short.

Just check out what they consider examples of their found 'hate speech' from conservative blogs:

And will due respect, your brother says some pretty nasty things. Here he is wishing death upon Keith Olbermann:

"You almost want to avert your eyes when the inevitable crash comes but, like those of us who watch NASCAR solely for the spin-outs and pile-ups, the entertainment value of watching Olberman melt like the Wicked Witch of the West right before our eyes will be immensely satisfying."

Only under the kool-aid colored glasses of the far left can that be considered a death threat.

If nothing else comes out of this mild controversy those with a sense of humor can be thankful that it inspired not just one, but two Iowahawk posts (warning: definitely not safe for young children).

As an added bonus, Hot Air Theatre presents: Amanda Marcotte

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