Sunday, January 28, 2007

Making friend in all the wrong places

Looks like John Kerry has finally found a group of people that like him and hang on his every word; too bad their on the wrong continent.

Of course the standard "he was taken out of context" excuses were flying from the usual suspects as soon as the speech was made but honestly, if in every speech you make you do your hardest to point to America as the problem with the world there is really no context to put your words into to make the OK.

And then there's Joe Biden trying to jump the gun to try and claim failure of President Bush's new surge policy even before the first troops arrive. The only problem, according to at least one senior Iraqi official just the word that the surge is coming has caused several key jihadist leaders to flee to Iran. But I'm sure Joe and John won't let that stop them in their attempt to paint the Iraq war as a lost cause.

I might be able to muster up at least a little respect for the Democrats if they could come up with at least one coherent policy for dealing with the Middle East besides their usual pie-in-the-sky "let's just talk it over with them" ideas. Right now far too many are attacking without offering any real alternatives and those that don't follow the party line, like Lieberman, are quickly tossed aside.

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