Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lines in the sand

I can't find video of Hannity and Colmes from last night but I was mildly shocked to see that finally Alan Colmes had found a topic that he considers taboo for discussion on collage campuses.
So far I've have seen him support the importing of terrorists/terrorists sympathizers to talk to large college crowds, antisemitc professors praising Hezbollah, and a myriad of other extremists who regularly appear all over university campuses across America to help broaden young students minds but finally he has found a group of people too extreme to permit on campus; dissenters of the Goreacle and his "we are the problem" Global Warming crusade.

In a story that should frighten any open minded person, a professor in Roger Williams University made the movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" a required part of the curriculum and to add insult to injury, did not allow for any opposing opinions to be presented. This is attempted indoctrination at it's most obvious and as Alan made clear last night, it's working. His attempt to defend the professor's actions basically came down to, since everyone agrees with Gore's take on global warming there is no reason to debate it, a stance that was disproven by his own guests who provided names of several well respected researchers and scientists who disagree with Gore's theories.

The idea that "An Inconvenient Truth" stands as an undisputed work is something that many on the dedicated left have taken up as a cause and the MSM always wanting to help out their ideological comrades have done their best to help. But even when they're trying to help they do slip up a little. Take this AP story for example. Although it touts that a consensus of scientists agree the movie is accurate as it's main headline (a grand total of 19 who all appear to be in the global warming field which stands to lose several billion dollars if it is determined no crisis exists) even within the article itself there is disagreement with the movie. My favorite quote, which has been repeated in one form or another by several scientists when praising Al Gore's :
The tiny errors scientists found weren't a big deal, "far, far fewer and less significant than the shortcoming in speeches by the typical politician explaining an issue,"
So in other words, "we'll just ignore the inaccuracies for the greater good".

A perfect example of a insignificant error was Gore's linking of global warming to hurricanes such as Katrina. Some of the most respected hurricane experts in the world have publicly stated that Global Warming has little or no impact on the number or veracity of hurricanes but yet that is one of the main images used to push Gore's agenda.

I'm a bit surprised that a theory with such an overwhelming consensus as to be determined fact according to so many on the left, including Mr. Colmes (and a growing number of people on the right but with less religious furor), has such a long list of highly qualified doubters. But of course, for those poor student at RWU, those opposing viewpoints are of so much "less significant" weight than a failed Presidential hopefuls as not to even warrant discussion, and Alan's just fine with that.

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