Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Truthers in the Media

Well it appears Eric Margolis isn't the only one off his meds at The Sun these days. Today's article by John Gleeson (Winnipeg Sun Editor) sees Eric's normal anti-Bush rants and one ups it. In todays Sun Gleeson tries to give a voice to the 9/11 'truth' movement, quoting several of their most outspoken leaders, and treats them as if their opinions are anything more than speculation built off of wild assumptions and carefully cherry picked facts.

In his defense of their position that the various World Trade Center buildings were taken down by controlled demolitions he leaves out some very important facts. The first is that out of this group of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, exactly 3 have engineering degrees and of those 3, zero are considered any sort of expert on controlled demolitions. In his own article, of the three scholars he quotes one is a theology professor another a philosophy professor and even the physics professor, Steven Jones, which incidentally is not the source of the highlighted quote about the collapse defying physics (that was the Philosophy prof), works in the field of theoretical physics dealing with cold fusion.

He also leaves out the portion where this group of universities finest have been unable to even decide what was the cause of the collapse, conventional explosives somehow secreted into all the buildings, a micro-nuke that produces no radiation or a high powered energy beam; all theories put forward by this esteemed group. Also of note, this group of the worlds brightest has been unable to get any of their 'papers' past the peer review process and published anywhere except for a 9/11 conspiracy journal.

All these points are strangely absent from Gleeson's post as it would probably pull the rug out from under his theory that 9/11 was an inside job to give the idiot/genius Bush (I lost my lefty decoder ring so I'm not sure what he is today) and his evil empire (which according to more and more people on the left is actually controlled by some evil Jewish conglomerate) an excuse to attack Afghanistan; a high profile target at the center of Bush's plan to take over the world which should be so obvious the details of which never have to be explained.

Oddly enough he does mention the Popular Mechanics article which thoroughly debunks pretty much every claim made by this group of ivory tower conspiracy nuts though he does it in such a way as to imply they are in on Bush's evil plan.

You better watch out Eric, looks like someone is gunning for you position as #1 Anti-Bushite at the Sun.

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