Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Truth is Out There

Just don't go looking to the UN to find it.

We've all heard about the latest UN report on global warming which announces with a high degree of certainty that the latest increase in worldwide temperatures are due to human activities but as with everything else out of the UN there is more to this report than first appears. Dr. Tim Ball, guest columnist for the Ottawa Sun, details the process under which the executive summary (the actual report not having been released to the public) is written up and distributed to the world's media.

Unlike the actual report, the summary is written mainly by bureaucrats, many of which with vested interests in the outcome, with only limited input by a handful of the scientists involved in the study. Under UN rules, they are free to ignore almost any result or fact that they don't agree with and there is little the actual researchers can do about it. In fact, the process of releasing the Summary months prior to the full report is to allow for modifications to the final version of the full report to make it match with the summaries 'findings'.

This backwards approach flies in the face of all basic guidelines of research papers but in the land of the United Nations, logic always takes a back seat to politics.

There is also little true peer review for these types of UN reports. While they are reviewed by experts in several fields, the final writers are free to simply ignore any comments or questions these experts put forward. In this way the UN can make a claim that several hundred or even thousands of scientists were involved with the writing of the paper, thereby giving it more weight, while in fact limiting the actual involvement to their chosen few.

This is not to say that there might not be some truth to the findings of the IPCC report, but just that under the UN's archaic and politics heavy structure any truth that happens to make it's way into the final report is purely coincidental.

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