Thursday, January 04, 2007

Our Deepest Sympathies

Earlier today MacDaddy was called into one of our managers offices for the grim task of receiving a condolence card with respect to the passing of his step father. I only met him a few times but he seemed like a really decent guy and a Mac and him were pretty close.

In true Mac style by the time he was back to our cubicle he was cracking jokes and was grinning from ear to ear. Some people might think that this was just some sort of reflex meant to hide the pain but those of us that truly know Mac, and truly understand the inner workings of his twisted mind know that the laughter was less of a defense mechanism and more due to the fact his step father died 6 years ago, which was right about the time we circulated the card for everyone to sign and make donations.

I guess we know at least one manager who doesn't take advantage of our once a year, Office Cleanup Day.

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