Saturday, December 30, 2006

The era of Saddam has ended

and the left couldn't be more mad or upset.

Apparently they think the people of Iraq have killed the wrong mass murderers. Thanks to their moral equivalency blinders they see absolutely no difference in blame between a dictator who directly ordered the killings of thousands (and by some reports millions) of his own people and someone who took action to remove him.

And even though the vast majority of deaths in Iraq since the invasion have been due to Iraqi on Iraqi and as often Saudi/Iranian/Syrian/etc.. on Iraqi violence and in most cast didn't even involve coalition troops all the blame is Bush's.

Of course, the fact the Iraqi economy is skyrocketing and the people are by and large much happier with their new found freedoms post Saddam, that's just a little glitch that their "Hate Bush" philosophy is working overtime to ignore.

And for those "progressives" who still want to argue over the cost of the war I ask this, what is the acceptable price for freedom? Don't even talk dollars since the only time liberals worry about federal finances is when their own pet projects may have to be trimmed. And while 3000 lives is a great price for any country to bear that was a price those individuals were willing to pay to offer those 25,000,000 Iraqis a chance at a better life.

That there are people willing to pay the ultimate price to help others they have never even met should be a very somber but heart lifting story. Knowing that people capable of such sacrifice are still around today in this "me first" society should be heralded from the rooftops. Instead their sacrifice is used as cannon fodder for the far left and their anti-West, anti-Capitalist movements.

Gateway Pundit
's keeping on eye on the reactions to the news from the left (so the rest of us can avoid getting lost in the fever swamps).

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