Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blogging from airport in Quebec

Surprisingly it's the only airport I've found where the "open" internet access is actually truly open, as in free; guess they've upgraded more than their seats.

Not much going on as I wait 2 hours for my next 50 minute flight before my hour and a half wait for my final 30 minute flight so I've decided to do a little light blogging.

First thing I've noticed is that over at LGF they have a link to Zombies response to, from all reputable accounts, is a laughable report from Human Rights Watch that still tries to cover up cover up what by all evidence appears to be just another attempt at fabricating an Israeli war crime. The gist of the HRW report, the Israeli's did in fact cause the damage using a mysterious unknown type of armament that can cause extreme fires which do not burn and explosions that do not destroy; oh yeah and rust, lots and lots of rust. Zombie has a link to his original debunking in his response.

Then there's this interesting bit of blog work from Michelle Malkin. It all concerns a simple little story out of Iraq about how John Kerry has been receiving the cold shoulder from soldiers on his latest visit to show how much he supports the troops. Not really an important story, just good for a laugh but questions have come up concerning the veracity of the claims of the timing of the primary photo. As a show of what makes the blogosphere so great when it comes to reporting events you can clearly follow the original story, it's counter claims and finally the investigation into whether or not the story is in fact accurate, all from one post with links to everyone involved. A stark contradiction to to the MSM's method of report first and damn the truth as exposed by the ambulance story above.

Well, just 45 more minutes before my boarding call. Time to do a little more light reading and possibly play a game or two over at CrazyMonkey.

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