Sunday, May 21, 2006

Knock on wood

It looks like I can finally formally add my name to the list of people who have suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure; and only a week or so after talking with a friend about his drive crashing and commenting that it never having happened to me (except what I thought was a mistake on my part).

Just a few weeks ago when I upgraded my system with two new hard drives my older 200GB seemed to forget it was formatted. At the time I thought it might have just been a side affect of something I was doing in Partition Magic and just ran a recovery program to try and get back all the info stored on there (since it was my primary storage drive and it was completely full that process took over a week). As it turns out it appears the timing of the crash was just an odd coincidence as the same thing happened again on Thursday without me doing any hard drive modifications (even odder is the fact my brothers drive, about 2500KMs away did the exact same thing).

Luckily I had recovered the vast majority of useful information to one of my new drives, but as I was using my old drive as my Shareaza download folder I did lose about 56GB of partial downloads, so that kinda sucked.

And just to rub it in, Maxtor's online warranty system went down for service exactly 15 minutes before me needing it and is staying down just long enough for me not to be able to get to a store to buy a replacement drive before the long weekend is over. It's almost enough to make me start to believe in conspiracies.

Oh well, I wanted an excuse to get another 300GB drive anyway, and if I have to sacrifice a few days/weeks of downloads to do it, so be it. Just getting me 100GB closer to my ultimate terabyte goal. Come to think of it, since I'll need to install XP to get my Rise of Legends working, I may just take this time to finally replace my system drive (my only sub 200GB drive) and bust thought that ceiling.

Decisions, decisions.


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