Saturday, May 13, 2006

ECW Public Service announcement #2

I just picked up Rise of Legends on the advice of a friend. Not really thinking too much about requirements (my system is old but not that old) I bought it and brought it home to install.

As it turns out my hardware is not the problem; Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, has chosen to put a WinXP check into the program itself to prevent it from installing on any other operating system. From all accounts there is really no reason for the check, as most of the underlying systems are almost identical and the DEMO, with a small change to the installer, seems to work fine on 2k.

Using advice from a poster at this forum I managed to bypass the check and install the game but the same trick doesn't help with game play. As soon as I get to the main menu all the options besides check for upgrade or exit are blocked.

So in addition to warning people who are not currently running XP from buying Rise of Legends I'm also putting out the question: Is there any way to bypass Microsoft's XP check so that I can play it on my system without upgrading?

For those brave souls still interested in testing their luck here's all you have to do to install RoL on a Win2k box; go to the command line in the folder with the install program (probably setup.exe) and type the name with a "/a" afterward.

But as I've said, this only seems to work with the install program, trying this with the game doesn't seem to do anything.

If anyone does manage to get the game to play, please drop me a comment. Thanks.


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