Sunday, November 13, 2005

Give it a rest Mary

When will Mary Mapes just bite the bullet and admit to the world that she screwed up instead of still attempting to convince us all it was just some form of VRWC.

Admitting you rushed to air a attack piece during a federal election without doing the proper vetting of your source material is one thing. If errors were made you could at least say it was do to your over eagerness in breaking a big story and not due to some political reasons but trying to defend your mistake, even now, certainly gives credence to those who claim it was an intentional attempt to affect the Presidential outcome.

When the only people to 'verify' your documents are a hand writing expert (who could only somewhat validate one signature on one page as probably being Lt. Col. Killian's) and a few former colleagues who, in at least one case had not even seen the documents in question, but just verified that sometimes people got preferential treatment (not that any had and evidence of this happening in Bush's case) you wouldn't get too many self respecting journalists out there still trumpeting the authenticity of said documents. It probably doesn't help much either that most of the former colleagues, now having seen the documents more closely, believe them to be forgeries.

And the fact that your own document examiners reported that they could not verify the documents and in fact many had outright called them forgeries due to technical details that make them nearly impossible to produce on 1970's technology (no one has yet been able to create duplicates of the Killian memo's using Vietnam era machinery yet Charles, over at LGF was able to create and almost identical match using the default settings of MS Word) really doesn't help your cause.

But yet, Mapes still insists that the documents are authentic and have not yet been proven wrong (if only she required that level of certainty to prove them authentic she wouldn't be in this mess).

Even Dan Rather keeps attacking those who exposed this story in a sad attempt to recover his integrity. Too late Dan, that ship has sailed, hit an iceberg and sunk.

Check out this great Wiki entry for more details and links.


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