Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No Dan, No! Bad Dan!

Like my dog Foster and the extension cord under my desk, Dan Rather just will not let go of the TANG non-story, no matter how much harm it will do him. Newsbusters has an article on his latest televised interview here.

Once again he continues trying to shoot the messengers in the hope that by discrediting the bloggers that managed to bring to the forefront the type of shoddy investigating and reporting that had been going on over at CBS, he can gain back some of this lost honor.

The thing he doesn't seem to understand is that no matter if it was some form of conspiracy, it was so poorly planned (using a well documented Bush hater to deliver copies of unsubstantiated source material) that no self respecting news agency should have bitten. Sure, it may have peaked someone's interest, but it should never have been pushed as the basis of a major story, especially when even their own experts doubted the veracity of the documents.

Jeff, over at Protein Wisdom has a great little post about just how hard it would have been to stop the 'conspirators' dead in their tracks. For me, a well baked lasagna and some freshly made rice pudding would have done it. I would have even left the critical raisin/no raisin pudding decision up to the briber.

It seems Mary Mapes doesn't want to be forgotten either (h/t LGF)


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