Monday, April 02, 2007


I've managed to make it 3 years without ever having played World of Warcraft but as of a few weeks ago that all changed. Now I'm spending almost all of the time I'm home on the game. At least I do get away for a least 8 hours a day since we don't have it installed at work (unlike some people I know, not pointing any elbows, Rand) but I'm sure if I could I'd be popping in every few hours to see what's up. It's that addictive.

I liked Guild Wars but it's level 20 limit and difficulty in getting a group of friends together to quest, kind of acted like buffers from full blown addiction. WoW on the other hand makes it so easy to interact with other players that you find yourself helping complete strangers along on their own quests for no other reason than you can. It's that level of interaction which is almost totally absent from Guild Wars that makes WoW the crack to GW's caffeine. Both are addictive to some degree but Warcraft is just in a league of it's own.

I blame my niece.



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