Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fair and Balanced

It's bad enough when British teachers unions take it upon themselves to vote to boycott Israel or even British architects (that one was news to me) but now comes word that British Journalists have decided to add themselves to the growing list of ideologically blinded idiots (I only use that word because I just can't bring myself to type others that seem more appropriate) and call for their own boycott of the Jewish state.

Does the term "journalistic integrity" not mean anything to these people nowadays? Of course, knowing the BBC's issues with anti-Israel bias it's not hard believe that members of the British journalists union are not all that open minded on the subject.

With all this blatant antisemitism coming out of the UK as of late I may just have to add a new label to Blogger. And have no doubt this is antisemitism. Targeting a single country for it's actions in defense of itself against overwhelming and often outright hostile opposition while at the same time ignoring all others who as acknowledged governmental policy carry out far worse atrocities on a daily basis, simply because of the ethnicity of it's residents is bold faced racism at it finest. You can try to cover it up as much as possible but if ethnicities were removed and you described both the actions of Israel and that of it's neighbors over the past half century, while neither would be considered totally blameless, you would have a very hard time painting Israel as the aggressor.

(h/t LGF)



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