Sunday, April 08, 2007

Eric's off his meds again

Somehow in Margolis's glowing review of Speaker, Nancy Pelosi's trip to the Mid East he left out a few small details.

Such as her flagrant violation of the Separation of Powers in which the President doesn't make laws and the Congress doesn't make foreign policy. Sure there have been attempts by Congressmen to push the boundaries and expand their roles in the past but rarely does a sitting Speaker of the House directly ignore a missive by a President with regards to international relations.

And he also somehow overlooks the entire Israel/Syria fiasco which was handled so poorly by Team Pelosi that the Prime Minister of Israel had to make an official statement rebuking her.

Not surprising, there's also no mention of the harsh Washinton Post review although it's been front and center in almost every discussion on the trip. Even on Meet the Press this morning it was hard for any of the guests to defend the trip, either the fact it happened or the way Pelosi handled it and with the exception of the National Review editor you couldn't blame that on any type of pro-conservative panel (the fact David Gregory was a guest should dispel that idea quite clearly).

Maybe they should have had Eric on, although I don't think his cheerleading outfit and the pom poms are really proper Sunday morning attire.

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