Monday, February 19, 2007

David vs. Goliath

Saw the oddest thing on the way to the game last night (Sens beat the Thrashers 5-3 btw). Just outside the arena in what is essentially the parking lot and right in front of a cop, a Nissan Titan (and yes you were right J.) rear ended a Honda CRV.

You'd think that if this truck:

hit this baby SUV:
the outcome would be obvious, but you'd be dead wrong.

In what was not a glowing endorsement for Nissan trucks the Titan was essentially obliterated right back to the front wheels while the CRV by comparison, could probably have driven all the way home without the driver even noticing he was hit.

Which all leads me to one questions: Is Nissan trying to cut costs by making their vehicles out of paper mache? I can't really think of another explanation.



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