Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Still not much done ...

... on the Blogging front. It's amazing how little gets done when you have all the time in the world.

The good news is that my parents new computer is up and running with everything ported over successfully. I am having IE7 issues though. It's not a major concern as I've switched them over to FireFox ages ago, but I felt I may as well install it.

First, who was the genius at Microsoft that decided to buck the trend over the last 20 years and
move the menu bar from the top to underneath the address bar. I'm also having issues with the refresh and stop commands being seperated from the forward and back by the address box itself. And apparently the home and print buttons no longer even deserve the privilege of being on the main toolbar. Now they are regulated to the tab bar, which looks seriously cramped if you use it to open up even a half dozen tabs at a decent resolution. Using 800x600, which so many people never change their systems from, would make the tab bar almost useless.

None of these would be major issues if they allowed any customization at all but the drag and drop functionality is next to non-existant even with the toolbars unlocked and don't even think about moving or removing commands from the various built in toolbars. For crying out loud you have to do a registry hack just to get your menu to appear in the same place it does in every other piece of Windows software.

Oh well, it's still a vast improvement over IE6.

Well back to Zelda. If I don't finish Twilight Princess before heading back to Ottawa I may never finish it.



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