Thursday, December 21, 2006

Still here

Just not blogging a lot, either reading or writing.

Flew to Labrador City on the 15th (missed my original flight because of a runaway dog) and then made the 6 hour drive to Goose Bay on the 16th for an early Christmas with my brother and his family and made the return drive on the 18th. All in all an eventful first weekend of my Christmas vacation.

The change in flights did up costing me about $400 but meeting Megan in the Montreal airport kind of made up for it. Turns out her father was one of my chaperons on my school trip to Europe in grade 10.

My mother would kill me if she knew, and luckily she doesn't read blogs, but I almost stayed in Sept Isles overnight as my original rescheduled ticket called for, instead of spending the $350 for a ticket on another airline, just because me and Megan were having such a good time. Hey it's not everyday I strike up a 3 hour conversation with a beautiful girl I've never met before.

While the preliminaries are done, I still haven't made the final move to the Blogger 2.0 format. For now I'm using the excuse that I'm waiting to get my parents new computer up and running before investing too much time; in actuality, I'm just lazy.

So in the meantime, I'll drop a couple of interesting links to keep you busy:
  • Found via LGF, PM Harper takes a stand against Hamas. It's taken most of my adult life, but we've finally gotten a federal government in that Canadians can be proud of. One that's willing to take a stand based on what's right and wrong not on what's popular.
  • Via Campus Watch, again by way of LGF, this story of ABC news analyst, Fawaz Gerges, trying to equate the Palestinian troubles with the Holocaust. Yeah you know, I'm sure European Jews were also reaching population growth rates of just over 3% (West Bank) and almost 4% (Gaza) during the Holocaust (statistics via Wikipedia). Of course there's also the small point that many if not most of the deaths he uses to prove his point were caused by other Palestinians and in the case of Iraq, Muslim fundamentalists, but why let facts get in the way of a good moral relativism argument.
  • Finally, Michelle and an army of interested bloggers continue with search for the elusive Jamil Hussein. I have a feeling Big Foot will be sitting down for an interview on The Tonight Show before the AP can produce their oft quoted source.
That's all for now.

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