Monday, December 11, 2006


Not a lot of posting this week. Been busy at work and have spent most of my blog time arguing the facts of the "Imams on Board" case over at The Vanguard.

As was bound to happen at some point the entire discussion has expanded from the highly suspicious actions of the 6 imams to a more general discussion of Islam's role in the Western world. Currently the hot topic is Sharia law, with two of the imams defenders talking about how great everything would be if we all just adopted this archaic misogynistic set of codes. Personally, I think when you pull out Saudi Arabia as the best example of what life under Sharia is like your argument is already lost, but you can head over there and judge for yourself.

The comment system is moderated but so far all that seems to mean is a delay in your comment showing up. There hasn't been any complaints of deletions or unprovoked edits so it seems like they are letting the discussion continue as long as it stays civil.

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