Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Playing Catch-up

4 Days, no blogging =(

I don't really have an excuse except that I was feeling a bit under the weather (I wonder what the origin of that phrase is), so this ones a two-for.

First and not quite foremost, the Liberals elected a new national leader on Saturday evening. For those not keeping track of Canadian Liberal leadership races, the main contestants were:

1)An expat who for the last 27 years has lived in either in the UK or the US, only returning to Canada a year ago when the chance to head a federal party came up.

2) A former NDPer (the Canadian far left) who when elected Premier of Ontario managed to nearly bankrupt the economic engine of the country.

3)And an old school Liberal who held positions of power in both the Martin and Chretien governments during all the good scandals (Adscam, HRDC, the Gun registry). As environment minister he worked so hard that CO2 actually rose after the Liberals signed on for Kyoto and as of the Conservative take over were 41% higher than the were promised under the accord. A man whose mastery of the English language makes Jean Chretien appear to be an accomplished orator.

So out of this field of star candidates who did they elect? Why number 3 of course. So welcome to centre stage Mr. Dion.


The other big news over the past few day has been the AP 'burning men' story. I guess the Associated Press was feeling left out with Dan Rather managing to disgrace prime time news and Reuters managing to disgrace photo journalists the world over, so they decided to just loosen then journalistic standards to include fictitious Iraqi police officers and anonymous reporters and unnamed witnesses just hoping that something would blow up and they'd finally get noticed.

The funniest part is watching the AP defenders, like the bunch over at the NYT's Blog, just try and make excuses for journalistic standards that wouldn't be acceptable at a junior high school paper. Their degree of tunnel vision knows no bounds when anything harmful to the US of more particularly the Bush administration is involved. As long as they agree with the idea of the story, the fact are irrelevant.

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