Friday, October 27, 2006

Racist Racists Everywhere

Why is it that liberals can see racism behind every word, action and yes, even sound, one of their political opponents say, do or make? Isn't the tendency to attribute everything that happens to a person a condition of his or her ethnic origins the very basis of racism?

There has definitely been some seriously disgusting racial attacks during this American campaign season, but almost without fail they have been against black Republicans at the hands of the thoughtful progressive left, or have people already forgotten the ordeals faced by prominent conservative candidates like Michael Steele.

Now compare the attacks on Mr. Steele with the the current 'racist' ads against Democrat Harold Ford Jr. Mary Katherine Ham pretty much sums up my view of the subject with her vblog over at Be sure to check out Allah's and MKH's takes on the Chris Matthews attack of the ads.

Just try watching any of these supposedly racist ads while forgetting the ethnicity of the people involved. Is there anything in the ads to imply of which race the opponent is a member? Is there anything in the ads which overtly insult people of any particular racial background?

About the only group of people I could see that have any right to feel offended at these commercials are Playboy Playmates who do not fit the ditsy blond stereotype. Outside of that you really have to be reaching to try and make these campaign ads anything more than very light hearted attack ads.


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