Monday, October 02, 2006

PHB Strikes Again

I just dropped by Airyck's cubicle to see if he was going for a coffee walk (I rarely drink the stuff myself, but any excuse to get out of the office is fine with me) anytime soon when he told me of his latest run in with one of our many PHB's. This one, even regular Dilbert readers may be hard pressed to out do.

Apparently at some point over lunch, Airyck's laptop decided it really didn't want to log on to the network, which was in direct opposition to Airyck's plans. Needless to say the laptop won and he managed to get his account locked after too many bad login attempts. As if that wasn't bad enough, even after having the lock reset he managed to do it again. After spending a few minutes questioning his sanity (a pretty regular occurrence around these offices) he decided to surrender and just ask for his password to be reset. This, of course, requires a managers approval so enter PHB #4 who jumped right on top of the situation and sent off the request to the LAN guys.

As time passed ever so slowly (there really isn't much to do around here when you're a programmer and your network access has been cut off) Airyck finally broke down and went back to #4's office to see what was taking so long. It was then that he was informed, completely straight faced, that the request had been granted, almost immediately as it turns out, and that the PHB, in his infinite wisdom, had emailed his new password to him.


On a side note, it appears Airyck's memory is still intact and it really was just his laptop being a bit grumpy as even the new password wouldn't work until he went to another machine and logged on first.


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