Friday, October 13, 2006

Liberal Witch Hunt

Just remember, this is from the party of 'love and understanding':

Just read the comments to see how easy it is for those on the far left, or as it is more commonly called, the Democratic Party, to throw out all morals and ethics when they see a chance to push their agenda and punish those they disagree with. Sadly, only a small handful of commentators seem to understand that the use of situational ethics is not the way to garner support for your cause.

I've still yet to see exactly where they give concrete examples of how the Republicans are 'anti-gay'. What so many on the left fail to understand is that not wanting to grant special privileges to groups of people based solely on a particular characteristic is not being anti-anything, it's in fact being more inclusive. Until liberals get over their need to frame every issue in terms of identity politics there will always be conflicts with conservatives who just want to create a level playing field for everyone. If I punch a guy in a fight my punishment should not depend on his race, creed, religion or sexual orientation; it should be based solely on the circumstance of the assault.

On a related note, but not related to the outing issue, I also love the generic throw away lines like "that's what they do" and "it's time to for us to stop playing nice" that always pepper these type of progressive threads. Can someone please tell me when the time existed that liberals weren't willing to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find dirt for a personal attack to destroy their opponent? I'm not saying that conservatives are blameless in this whole game, but come on, when you have a party that not only elects but praises former Klansman who still routinely use the 'N' word and who have actively worked against equal rights legislation and minority appointees, alcoholics who have been directly responsible for the death of a passenger in their car under highly suspect conditions (to put it mildly) and 46 year old politicians who had active sexual affairs with 17 year old pages you have to question the effectiveness of mud slinging as a Republican campaign strategy.

Sure there are those on the Right who enjoy flinging a little dirt around, but in general it is the conservative base that is more responsive to ethical violations and not the liberals and the Dems know that. That's how you can have a party in which a Senatorial leader who 'forgot' $700,000 profits from shady land deals he used his federal powers to sweeten and a Congressman who hid nearly $100,000 in bribe money in his freezer are not only allowed to keep their seats, to no great surprise, but that can then turn around and try to sell their constituents on the idea that it is the other guys who are the 'Party of Corruption'.

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