Friday, September 08, 2006

You can't say that on television!

So in the same week that progressives are defending the right of Harvard University to bring in the former leader of one of the world's most abusive theocracies (and just to add insult to injury the US taxpayers are forced to cover the bill), Democratic Senators abuse their positions to issue thinly veiled threats to ABC for having the gall to present a docudrama that may be critical of the Clinton White Houses handing of terrorists. (to be fair they take a lot of shots against the Bush White House too but Republicans in general seem to be accepting that criticism)

I find it a bit troubling that Khatami was given an entry visa to begin with, but I do believe Harvard should be able to invite anyone to speak at their campus that they want to, I also believe they should be responsible for all related costs.

I also believe that people should be able to voice their opinions against anything on television they feel so moved to speak out against but once a public official begins doing so, and repeatedly mentions a broadcast license, which had absolutely nothing to do with the situation at hand but is vital for any broadcast television company to exist, it's not hard for the average person to see that the line between exercising one's right to free speech and attempting to stifle someone else's has been crossed.

Anyone else think the timing of these two event are a little too coincidental to not be a Rove driven plot to expose the hypocrisy of the Democrats?


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