Monday, September 25, 2006

What's up with memorials these days

Of all the possible designs for a 9/11 memorials why does it seem that crescents are so prominent?

And what ever happened to the idea of just remembering the victims instead of making political statements?
  • Then the insanely designed and titles Flight 93 memorial, Crescent of Embrace, which may or may not go forward as proposed.
  • And now the Arizona 9/11 memorial which manages to put all of the worse parts of all the other proposed memorials with it's crescent design and blame America messaging.
I have nothing against crescents for memorials per se, but when it happens to be the primary religious symbol of the very people who caused the tragic events you are trying to memorialize it simply makes no sense. And for the record, it is never in good taste to blame the victim.


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