Friday, September 22, 2006

Today was the official "Wear Red" rally on the hill

I wasn't there but it looks to have been a great success. I was however wearing one of my red shirts I recently purchased just for this reason.

CBC has a rather small story but a terrible picture. For a professional Canadian Press photographer, this is possibly the worst picture of a rally I have ever seen. Thankfully, at least someone in attendance was able to take a picture that actually showed the crowd.

If you look you might notice that the rally story seems to be pretty well buried at both the CBC and CTV news sites. Not unexpected, but I was hoping that having between 4,000 - 10,000 people show up on the lawn of the nation's capital buildings for something as positive as a message of support for our troops would garner more national attention. Hopefully they'll be some better pictures on the news tonight.

On a related note, President Karzai spoke before a joint session of the Commons and the Senate earlier and did a great job in getting across his message as to why Canada needs to stay in Afghanistan. I hope his words managed to convince a few MPs that sometimes peacekeeping also means peacemaking.

Some more pictures of the rally by way of Autonomous Source.


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