Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Straight from the Dan Rather school of Journalism

I give you the graduating class of 2006; Greg Mitchell, Sarah Smiles, Jo Chandler and Martin Chulov.

It was a tight race for class Valedictorian but Mr. Chulov was able to snatch the honor by going above and beyond with his amazingly well written defense of his own original "Ambulance Attack" story which simultaneously claims to prove the original allegations correct while at the same time changes almost every important detail. Truly a great work of journalistic art.

If ever a class lived up to the school motto 'Fake Tamen Sagaciter', it was this one. Congratulations.

Now if only they can stop Zombie and his/her accomplices from dismantling every one of their arguments.


And speaking of dear old Dan, it appears his repeated use of the CBS review of the much maligned TANG story may be on shaky ground. While the report itself stayed as far away as possible from actually declaring the Killian documents forgeries, it appears the experts that they contacted to review the documents had no such problem making their opinions known. Ace points to a very interesting article from the January issue of the Weekly Standard which takes a closer look at the reports footnotes and pays special attention to the part concerning document expert Peter Tytell who in no uncertain terms states:
"The Killian documents were produced on a computer in Times New Roman typestyle."
I guess like the Bush/TANG story itself, Dan hasn't looked to closely at the document he continually tries to use to clear his name.


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