Friday, September 15, 2006

Quote of the day

"Anyone who describes Islam as a religion as intolerant encourages violence",” - Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Tasnim Aslam, in regards to comments made by Pope Benedict XVI
For me, I would expect an insult to a truly peaceful religion to invoke sadness, some anger, and possibly a condemnation of the speaker, but outright violence would be so far down on the list as to be non-existent. What does it say about Islam that almost without fail violence is the first response by Muslims across the globe. Burnings in effigy, destruction of property, fatwa's of death are all considered normal responses for anyone, anywhere daring to point out that burnings in effigy, destruction of property and fatwa's of death are not the actions of a peaceful religion.

Islam may be capable of being a 'Religion of Peace', but only if you squint your eyes really hard and ignore the actions and speech of almost every one of it's leaders, much like so many people in the Western media do on a daily basis.

And that's not to say that all Muslims are violent people, but if the majority of Christians acted and supported the likes of Fred Phelps and his cult, I would have to say the same about Christianity, but the fact is they don't and instead routinely speak out against Phelps and his actions, unconditionally, something which just does not happen in the Muslim world.


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