Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Only in the Cali

So much for my theory that stupidity has a saturation point after which no more stupid can be absorbed.

In what has to be the single dumbest law suit ever filed in any court anywhere, the State Attorney General of California, Bill Lockyer, has filed suit against the major car companies for the environmental damages caused by their vehicles. Incidentally, Lockyer just happens to be the Democratic candidate for State Treasurer this election.

Don't be surprised if next year that Ford Focus you've had your eye on now costs $85,000.

But why stop there Bill, just think of the money if you sue each and every citizen of California that has aided and abetted these criminals by driving, buying or even riding in one of these environmental monsters; we're talking high 12 digits if we're talking a dollar.

Is this a case of life imitating art? You decide.
(Coincidentally, this just happened to be the Southpark episode on the Comedy Network this evening.)

(h/t Slashdot)


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