Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In answer to your question Alan ...

... I give you the Democratic nominee for Florida's 15th district congressional seat.

Not that this will stop Mr. Colmes from his constant denial that no Democrat ever says any of the outrageous comments they continually make in order to pander to the extreme left of their party.

For those keeping track at home here's a quick list of topics covered by Dr. Bowman:
  • Bush et al. knew about 9/11 beforehand
  • Bush et al. probably had a hand in planning 9/11
  • Bush et al. are covering up the real story (the lack of evidence to the contrary being his main evidence of a conspiracy)
  • Bush et al. invaded Afghanistan for an oil pipeline (a Clinton proposed pipeline btw)
  • Bush et al. started the war to make Haliburton rich
  • Bush et al. should be impeached
  • Bush et al. are destroying civil rights
I didn't hear him use the term "cut and run" so Alan may still be able to hide behind that technicality. Although I'm still having trouble discerning the difference between "immediate unconditional withdraw" and "cut and run" except for semantics.

I'd like to see Hannity play back this video on their show tonight and ask for Alan's thoughts. It also wouldn't hurt to have any of the myriad of scientific reporters who have debunked the conspiracy theories. Perhaps someone from that little magazine Popular Mechanics.

H/T My Pet Jawa by way of LGF


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