Friday, August 25, 2006

This Week in the MSM

Tundra Tabloids finds the mysterious Lebanese Santa Clause who has been leaving all those toys around.

Poynter Online gives us another example of how the "when in doubt, blame the Jews
" policy of the BBC is alive and well in addition to giving yet another example of staged photo ops.

EU Referendum takes another look at Qana.

LGF takes on the Israel's use of chemical weapons with the help of German TV.

Zombie utterly destroys the ambulance attacked story. His debunking even made Fox News.

Jawa sums up everything pretty well in this video.

Even closer to home our own little CBC mini-scandal culminated in a rare on-air apology.

Overall, not a very good week to call yourself a professional journalist.

At least they did manage to catch this one themselves before it made the NYT front page, though the lack of publicity this obvious fake received this side of the pond is just as telling.

And just because I haven't made a dig at the 'progressives' yet, here's a fun reminder of what it looks like when a liberal tries to debunk a story.


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