Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Removing all doubt

Today's Hot Air is possibly the most straightforward video I've seen explaining the use of ambulances by Hamas and Hezbollah to aid in their attacks on Israelis, both on the physical and propaganda fronts. Even the most dedicated ostrich must admit that things are not as the international news agencies make them appear.

It's a sad comment on what passes for journalism today when such obvious things as extreme rust on supposedly newly damaged vehicles doesn't even get mentioned once until some part time 'citizen journalists' make the effort to actually look at the photos.

This is truly Must See TV.


I didn't link to this story about the Australian Foreign Ministers condemnation of the media earlier (using Zombie's excellent ambulance debunking piece for his basis) but now that the Red Cross has come out to attack the Minister (while at the same time removing a high-res photo of the ambulance from their site) it's becoming a little more interesting.

Notice that the Lebanese Red Cross rep doesn't even try and counter any of the photographic evidence Zombie uses to prove his case, just merely repeats the original claims over again. No explanation of the rust, no explanation for the lack of fire damage and no explanation for the remarkable healing abilities of the ambulance driver after the western journalists had left.

I just hope the opposition members demand for the FM's sources is an honest request for information (although it's a sign of poor research as Zombie is linked to directly in online article) and not an attempt to politicize this story. This is something people of all political stripes should be able to get behind. Ensuring the media gets the story right the first time, every time should be everyones goal.

I'm guessing that Zombie and Hot Air may be getting more than a few hits from .AU domains over the next few days.


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