Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Making the time..

Just to get it out of the way; The Cease Fire agreement - bad deal for Israel, great for Hezbollah. With the UN on the case I'm sure they can restock their spent warheads in no time; maybe even upgrade a few.

But onto the more important matter, and the reason for this post, osteoporosis. Or more specifically osteoporosis and Sally Field.

I don't know if you've seen her new commercial for some once-a-month pill to prevent osteo, but I couldn't help thinking that will all the billions spent in Iraq, couldn't the U.S. have found a way to make a bi-monthly pill, or even better and semi-annual pill.

I can only assume this pill is very hard to swallow, and causes great discomfort or pain and I can't stand to think of poor Sally going through all that. You can just hear it in her voice when she tells of her poor friend who has to 'make the time' once a week to take her osteo prevention pill. The way she makes it sound like such a inconvenience makes me believe there has to be something especially bad about this type of medication.

Then again I may be mistaken and perhaps her friend is just on some new fangled Hollywood I.V. diet and doesn't actually partake of orally administered liquids, thereby having to change her entire days plans to actually take a pill. In which case, maybe the money could be better spent developing a liquid form of the pill which could be added to her I.V. drip.

Something has to be done people! We can't have poor Gidget choking down some hockey puck sized pill every 30 days or so.


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