Friday, August 11, 2006

The Left Strikes Back

As seems to the natural order of things in the political blogosphere, whenever one side manages to achieve some amount of success the other side turns on the jets to play catch-up.

When the Right brought down veteran CBS news anchor Dan Rather for his use of poorly forged TANG memos to attempt to affect the outcome of the Presidential election (even their own document examiners called their veracity into question prior to airing) the left responded by bringing down Jeff Gannon (yes the Jeff Gannon of Talon News fame and now of for daring to be a conservative who may or may not have also been gay.

When the Left manage to pull it's forces together to finally win an election (well a Primary anyways) and get Ned Lamont nominated as the Democratic Candidate for the Senate from Connecticut
the Right responded by pointing out that even running as an Independent, Joe Lieberman is polling at a significant lead (as high as 51%) and as a result all their politicking is most likely to end up losing the Democrats one of the safest seats they had in the Senate (the Republican candidate polls somewhere in the single digits).

So after a week of the Right side of the blogospheres unprecedented exposure of the MSMs highly bias reporting on all things Israeli, leading to several major publications having to print retractions or corrections to pictures that just a few weeks ago were accepted as gospel, and at least one often used photographer losing his job and all of his photos being removed from Reuters database, the Left responds with this, a small shadow on Howard Deans face, that if viewed from a particular angle on a photo reduced to a particular size may or may not appear as a moustache on a GOP web ad which they claim is a blatant Hitlerization of their esteemed Democratic chairman by evil Republicans.

Not that their beliefs should be dismissed out of hand, but since the same photo, with and without the slight shadow, has been featured on the internet for over a year (it seems to depend on contrast and brightness levels of the particular version of the photo being used), with no prior claims of doctoring a reasonable person would have to believe that no actual photoshopping occurred. Even now the GOP ad features a clearly shadowless Dean meaning either the picture as shown at Kos in it's altered form (it was definitely resized if nothing else) actually created the appearance of the 'mustach' or after learning that some far left extremist were seeing things, someone at GOP headquarters took it upon themselves to brighten the photo to remove any hint of subliminal wrongdoing.

Personally I have a hard time seeing Hitler in even the 'altered' photo. I guess if you have Hitler firmly planted in the front of your mind (and just search Kos to see how many times Republicans are called Fascist and the term 'Bushitler' is used to see how much they love using Nazi references) you might see something there but even then it would be a stretch. But just read the comments and try to keep a straight face. And feel free to browse other far left sites to get their take. In at least two seperate discussions I've seen people both comment on how good the photos of Kos and Moore look while just a few comments down their are people discussing about how the evil GOP intentially choose the most evil of photos of the two to make them look bad. There is just no rhyme or reason to their complaints. You'd be hard pressed to find more hate filled group of people who at the same time profess tolerance and respect for everybody.

To summarize the far lefts political views: Conservative: Bad - everyone else (including self professed terror organizations and dictators): Good.

See LGF for more.


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