Friday, August 18, 2006

Kill the Messenger

So even a week after video has come out showing Green Helmet Guy doing exactly what he was accused of doing by LGF and others, the progressives over at HuffPo are still trying to defend his, and the photo journalists actions. They general gist is that because LGF is a rightwing blog, even though their accusations are backed up by fact, it must be ignored at all costs.

Here's just two of the threads I've been following over there but there are several others.

And just to make things complete, you have the raving anti-semites making their appearance with nary a peep out of their fellow progressives. My favorite conspiracy theory so far, the Jooos doctored the photos to try and discredit poor Adnan Hajj. Once again, the fact Hajj has admitted to the alterations doesn't even see to rate a mention on their Zionist-behind-every-tree minds.

On an entirely different matter, what's with their comment system over there. I've left several comments, under my alternate screen name, Straif, and while so far they all seem to show up in time, some have taken over 8 hours to appear. I'm assuming their is an approval system but I've seen several instance where while mine are sitting in limbo, other people seem to be able to post in almost real time. I still have one outstanding from when I left work today 6 and a half hours ago.


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