Friday, August 04, 2006

In defense of 'blackface'

This has got to be one of the oddest stories current going around on the political blogosphere.

Ned Lamont, darling of the progressive bloggers, has finally pulled into a strong lead over democratic incumbent, Joe Lieberman.

So what do they do to celebrate, put up a photoshopped portrait of Joe in blackface (picture via Michelle Malkin since the original has been removed from the HuffPo post, sans apology). Now to be fair, even in the original post several of the commentors, though many were conservatives from what I could see, we're disgusted at the image. Hamsher, has still not really offered any explanation as to her choice of picture.

Ned Lamont then feigned ignorance as to the work of the bloggers who just happen to be central to his campaign; the great Kos himself appeared prominently in his first campaign ad, and Hamsher has been traveling with Lamont all over the place as part advisor and part blog videographer.

So in response to all this controversy over the use of a blatant racist image, how do the progressive respond? By portraying Lieberman as gay and willing to 'service' the President instead.

As has been said many time and many ways, I stand (well at the moment sit actually) totally amazed at how quick the 'tolerant' left is in using race and sexual orientation as means of attacking their opponents.

Ned might be a good guy, I have no idea and I don't really care, but if these are the type of people he chooses to associate himself with in his race to Washington I don't believe he should be there. It's not like this is new to them. This is standard fair from the far left crowd.

They may not have as much money as the evil corporations they oppose, and they've had about as much success getting people elected as my dog, Foster, but he choose to tie his campaign to them and now he has to live with the consequences.

Or he can just come right on out and admit that he simply used them for their pull amongst far left voters and really had no intention of listening to them once elected. Admitting openly that he has little or no knowledge of the activities of some of his primary consultants, which he has already been forced to do, is usually reserved for a Congressman/Senators speech on announcing his resignation, not during their campaign for the Democratic primaries.

I just want to see the results after the primary when Lamont wins, becomes the Democratic candidate and then loses in the general to the now independent Lieberman. Current polls put Lieberman at just over 50% if this were to become a three way race. An almost insurmountable lead.

I'm not a big fan of his politics, but like Jack Layton up here in Canada, I at least respect Lieberman's belief in his positions. The fact he will not change his beliefs for political advantage, as so many of his fellow Democrats have done, is exactly why he is in the predicament he's in now. He's the type of elected official we need more of on both sides of the isle.


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