Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back to work

After 3800 kms and countless dollars spent on gas (although I'm sure MasterCard will manage to make an accurate accounting) I'm back to my office in Ottawa. And despite the 200 kms of the most crooked road known to man that I've had to travel twice in the last week and a half (for anyone who has driven to or from Labrador City you'll know exactly where I'm talking about) everything went pretty well.

I've even picked up a few travel tips. If you are ever have to go a long distance with a 12 year old in the car, DVDs and headphones are a God send. Or if you don't want to go the high tech root, allow them to have an all nighter the night before leaving; 11 hours in the car that first day and the only sound was that of a head occasionally knocking against the passenger door window. Although in all fairness, I must say that both my nieces are pretty easy to travel with (the same cannot be said for my brother in law but that's a different story).

One other good thing came from all the time spent in the car; Foster finally learned how to behave like a dog. For the first time in forever, he got up off of the floor and began looking out the window. Now he hasn't perfected the process yet, if you let him he'll try to step right out onto the hood while you're driving at 120 km/h, but he's getting there.

It's kind of good to be back home but this whole work thing, I could definately do without.


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