Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August 22nd, 2006: The End Has Come

After 10 years and 215 episodes, Stargate SG-1 has come to an end.

But a reminder to fans of the show, this is not the first time that the SG-1 universe has been put in real world peril. Until Sci-Fi took it over in season 7, there was a very real possibility of season 6 being it's last. Even now the producers are not giving up hope and are shopping around to try and find another outlet to take over the show from Sci-Fi.

This season marked a milestone as SG-1 captured the title of longest running sci-fi show on American television (beating out the X-Files 9 seasons) and unlike the X-Files, SG-1 is still running strong. Just last week the most recent SG-1 episode was pointed out by Entertainment Weekly as that weeks show to watch.

Even if this truly is the end of an era sci-fi fans can take some solace in the fact Atlantis shall live on. In the same announcement signaling their end of involvement in the SG-1 show, Sci-Fi announced they were renewing Stargate: Atlantis for a fourth season.

Keep your eyes on Gateworld and the Stargate Information Archive for more up to date news.


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