Friday, July 07, 2006

Worst 2nd grade science experiment EVER!!

I have to thank Spooked911 over at the Democratic Underground for bringing a little humor to my afternoon and of course, LGF for the original link.

You just gotta love the "at least he deserves praise just for trying" mentality of many of his defenders over there. This isn't a 2 year old being potty trained people, it's a grown man who claims to have a scientific background (though admittedly not in engineering).

This is just too much. It appears this was 'Spooked' second attempt at creating a clear demonstration at the improbability of the WTC being taken down by the fire. Here's the original
(h/t Right Wing News).

He also has this detailed explanation debunking the crash of flight 93.

Surely this has to be enough to get him at least an honorary doctorate of Engineering at Berkeley.

I wonder why the Bush apologists over at Popular Mechanics left out 'Spooked' from their expert panel reviewing the various crash sites. Obviously they cherry picked their 300 experts and organizations so as to only include those that were part of the governments cover-up.


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