Sunday, July 23, 2006

Return to the Heart of Darkness

OK, so a few days ago I linked to a Daily Kos post that was actually defending Israel's right to exist; an aberration to say the least. Well, it looks like saner heads have finally managed to reassert themselves amongst the brain trust of the progressive left and things have returned to normal (with at least one notable exception).

This peek into the goings on of today's liberal mind brought to you by LGF (simply because I couldn't stomach spending that much time at Kos myself):
... and the always popular title of
And just in case that wasn't enough to show you just how far in the sand their heads are buried, try this gem on for size:
You have to wonder, if even in their highly filtered photo essay on the 'anti-war' protests they can't even find one person supporting Israel while there seems to be no problem finding pictures idolizing terrorist leaders (correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't this clear violation of Islamic tradition the very reason for worldwide destruction not too long ago) overwhelming support for Hezbollah, Hamas, Lebanon and Palestine, how exactly does this all go to show that LGF and by extension Zombie, are lying when they show these photos of protests in NYC, Chicago, Dearborn (first pic is from NY), San Francisco (video with sound) and L.A.

And not to stop at the American border how about these photos of similar 'anti-war' protests in Montreal, Moscow, Copenhagen, Switzerland, Berlin, London (with some special speakers) and Sydney.

For a group of people who can see Rovian/Neo-Con/Haliburtonian plots to take over the world behind everything from the timing of the street lights in Bangor Maine to the price of cheese in Des Moine, these evolved progressives seem to have a hard time noticing the painfully obvious. If only we had some way of knowing what these extremist truly wanted.


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