Monday, July 24, 2006

My Apologies

I guess I owe the progressives a bit of an apology. According to venture capitalist Sheldon Drobny, a leader in the progressive movement in America and co-founder of Air America Radio, all of those anti-Semitic blog entries and comments that are so prevalent on the left side of the blogosphere are not in fact being posted by liberals at all. Even though they may be on liberal web sites, in many cases even written by the site owners, rarely deleted (in cases where site moderators routinely delete opposing viewpoints), and are more often than not agreed with by the majority of commenters, these are not in fact liberal commenters.

His reasoning behind all this is that progressives can "disagree rationally with different points of view" and "most of the racism (he has) experienced has come from the far right, not the left", therefore all of these comments are in fact a part of the vast right-wing conspiracy to discredit liberals. And who does Sheldon suspect, or more to the point accuse, of being behind all of this anti-Semitism on the left, why Karl Rove of course!

I guess he really doesn't read a whole lot of blogs or for that matter ever leave his sheltered liberal circle of friends. Just from his own post you can see just how 'rationally' progressives deal with different points of view. To paraphrase his posting : "If anyone disagrees with me they are obviously racist right wing anti-Semites".

The problem with the blogosphere is that that viewpoint has become more and more prevalent within today's left. There was a time when conservatives and liberals could sit down and discuss policy without a personal insults crossing the table, or if they did they were more in a joking manner, and after all was said and done the two groups could still head out for a civilized meal together. Much has changed since those time as the more moderate liberals are being pushed further and further out of power and instead being replaced by the much more virulent 'progressives'. Just look at how Senator Lieberman is being portray by the Daily Kos and his crew right now. A man with a 90%+ liberal voting record is now termed a DINO simply because he disagrees with the Democratic stand on the war. Where is the room for rational disagreement. For another example of this breakdown all Mr. Drobny would have to do would be listen to his own radio station, if he can find somewhere in the country where it can still be heard (a bit of a low blow I admit).

It's pretty easy to claim that all racism comes from the 'other guys' when you outright deny all the evidence to the contrary and when said evidence is undeniable you simply attribute it to them anyway (just Google registered Democratic and Al Gore campaign contributor Fred Phelps). Perhaps Mr. Drobny would care to explain why most of the anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian/Hamas/Hezbollah rallies, which do not even try to hide their anti-Semitism, are organized by progressive 'peace' groups. The very same 'peace' groups that are regular backdrops for Democrats running for office across the United States.

Does Rove truly have that much power and cunning to manage to get people to live undercover as liberals for decades just so that at the time of his choosing, which I guess is today, they can come out and write nasty hate filled commentaries on the net and then march in protests against an allied state and in support of known terrorist organizations whose stated goals is the annihilation of every Jew in the Middle East? If so, who is Mr. Drobny to think that he has the power to stop him? Or is Drobny himself a Rove plant meant to thrown people off his scent by creating ludicrous arguments?

Let's be clear, there is racism on the right. Few would deny that KKK is a racist organization, but we on the right have managed to keep our nutcases confined to a very small base and do not allow them to get any power. In fact the only known member of the KKK currently serving in the upper echelons of the US legislative branch is Sen. Robert Byrd, a democrat. That used to be true for the left as well, but since losing power in all branches of the United States government they have become desperate and have turned to any source of help. Enter the extreme left to fill the vacuum.

(h/t LGF)


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