Monday, July 03, 2006

Hiding behind the cross

Q: When is it OK to verbally 'bitch slap' a minister?

A: When he's pushing a 100% political agenda under the guise of following Christ's teachings.

Thankfully Rich was in the studio and managed to destroy Rev. Monty Smith (First United Methodist Church) arguments without even breaking a sweat.

A quick question for the Reverend, does Gods love not extend to the 12 year old being raped by Saddam's soldiers? Isn't turning a blind eye to daily atrocities like those violate Jesus' teachings more so than using force to stop them. There are several wars discussed in the Bible Reverend, and as often as not, they were sanctioned by God so you can feel free to be a peace activist all you want but don't try to use the Bible as a shield to deflect criticisms of your stance.

(h/t Expose the Left)


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